When it comes to designing a space, there are many things you must consider. In some of our previous blogs, we focused on color options, utilization of space, how to incorporate textures, and so forth. One thing that gets overlooked time and time again is the lighting concept within your interior design. Lighting is extremely imperative when it comes to interior design for any room you are choosing. Light can “make or break” a space. If you have a modern kitchen you don’t want it to have a dim lighting concept. If you are redesigning a bedroom you don’t want to have too much artificial bright light.

At Interiors by Maey in Canton, we understand the well-rounded interior design process and how it takes many different elements to complete one perfect vision. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure concepts and ideas are executed with excellence. Interiors by Maey wanted to express why lighting concept is so imperative when it comes to our interior designs for your home.

Why is Lighting in Interior design Important?

The Space of the Room Lighting concept for an interior design by Interiors by Maey in Canton

Thinking of interior design, it’s all about space: What are you wanting to achieve with it? Are you going for a more cozy and intimate feel, or do you like to feel like you are in a larger space than is provided? These are all things we want to consider when creating an interior design concept. Lighting within our design will create the illusion of space, big or small. If a room does not have adequate lighting it will automatically feel more confined. If you use too much of a brilliant light you may feel like you are in an office, so it works both ways. Paying attention to what type of light you need in a room is key to keep your design balanced. For smaller spaces, use corner laps, lights on the wall, and hanging lights, these lighting elements add a lot of depth and create a larger space. Natural light, ideally, is best. Try to incorporate some window
light into your design if able, and even better, a skylight will really make the room pop.

ColorFinished interior design by Interiors by Maey in Canton.

People may not realize this, but lighting directly affects the way a color looks and feels within an interior
design. Just like the color of the walls, lighting can affect the way the space appears. If you have gone for darker walls this can make a space look smaller automatically. A way to combat this is choosing lights that accent the color of the walls, while at the same time enhancing the size of the room. Light is reflected off the walls, so it’s important to choose the right lighting concept within your interior design. And, because you have the experts on your side, you have no need to worry.


Light has two purposes: To irradiate the entire space of the interior design or to accentuate certain parts of the space. You need to decide which concept you are going to display, and run with it. Do you have a work of art you want on display? Or, do you have a room that you want to fill with light from as manydreamstime_8451828
angles as possible? Our interior designers will take all these questions into consideration when coming up with a lighting concept that fits your aesthetic.

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