Now that 2017 has finally opened its doors, it is time to find out all of the amazing trends that we will be seeing in the interior design world this year. Finding out new trends and styles may get you excited for the potential your home could have. At Interiors by Maey, we want your home to shine just like you!

Our designer is professional, knowledgeable, and knows how to work with any space. If you are someone in the Canton area that is wanting to embrace the new year, check out these amazing trends for 2017!


While bright white and modern materials were holding strong in 2016, warm tones are making a comeback. Terracotta tiles will give a space a nice rustic feel without being too themed. Terracotta can be used as an accent for a beautiful fireplace, or to make the bathroom feel like a Mediterranean oasis. Your home will feel cozy and unique with this element of interior design.


This material isn’t just for wine bottles anymore. Cork is a universal and great organizational material for any space. This material will add a fun and practical texture to the space you are trying to design. You can use cork in other different areas of your Canton home. Many are starting to install cork flooring into bathrooms to give them a nice warm and sultry feel. Others are creating walls out of cork that is perfect for the office area, which adds a ton of storage because of its versatile nature. Instead of having a cluttered desk, take use of your new cork wall and pin important documents up at eye level.


While blues took over in 2016, be prepared to see a lot of green in interior design spaces. Dark green could be wonderful in a bedroom to give it an outdoor vibe. Adding accent pieces of green to a room will give it depth and drama. Play around with this heavy trend in 2017!

Fabric Headboards

Wood frames dominated last year, while fabric is making a big comeback. Upholstered headboards give your room a regal and theatrical appearance. Adding one in velvet or a satin fabric can dramatically change the feeling of your room. You can get a headboard in a certain shape, or go for the standard look. This is even a fun DIY project you can attempt as well!

Escape Rooms

No, we aren’t talking about the highly popular trend where you complete puzzles to break out of a room. This is more of the idea of escaping. Because our lives are so driven by technology, it is a wise decision to make a space that is technology free, Many people are starting to create reading nooks, or other spaces where they can sit and be in peace. The space doesn’t need to be large, most of its charm is because of how cozy and inviting it feels. This space can include big love seats, day beds, chunky rugs, and anything to help you feel most comfortable in your home away from home.

Jewel Tone

Pastel was big last year, and jewel tones are in this year. You will see many shades of metallics such as silvers, golds, and rose golds, and more. Not only this but in the combination of opal, quartz, and other natural metal and stones. Using light fabrics and silks will create a romantic

If you are thinking about splashing in some interior design into your Canton home, give Interiors by Maey a call . Our designer can come up with a design concept that is catered towards your needs and style. Check back for our next blog: What’s on the outs from 2016.