In our last blog, we, at Interiors by Maey, wanted you to know why we believe that the concept of lighting is crucial when it comes to interior design. Lighting can affect the space, color, direction, and mood of a room, so it is imperative to be aware of what type of light you would like to incorporate into your design ideas.

Interiors by Maey in Canton, is your best asset when it comes to interior design. We can take your ideas and make them a reality. We want you to be well-rounded with all the concepts that involve design and lighting. Interiors by Maey is fully aware of all the different lighting techniques you can utilize throughout your interior design.

Lighting Concepts for Interior Design

Kitchen design with lighting concept from Interiors by Maey in Canton.

Bedroom concept by Interiors by Maey in Canton.

Living room interior design concept from interiors by Maey in Canton.

Ambient Lighting

This is one of most universal choices in lighting. This type of light produces a soft, ambient glow that covers your space of your interior design. This light is delicate, but still leaves enough to be able to function with most everyday tasks. This choice of lighting is beneficial if you are trying to create a look of natural light when you aren’t able to implement a lot of windows, which creates actual natural light.

Types of lights you should for this interior design

  • Track or recessed lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall sconces

Task Lighting

This type of light is great for adding more concentrated amounts of brilliance. You would desire this lighting when you are working, or enjoying hands-on types of hobbies like writing, reading, or crafting. Task lighting can be an added element to an ambient room. Such as a desk lamp in a room with wall sconces. Task lighting helps our brain be more alert and stay focused on the task at hand.

Types of lights you should for this interior design

  • Desk and floor lamps
  • Cabinet and vanity lighting
  • Track and pendant lighting

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is very focused on a certain object within your designed space, that you want to bring attention to detail. This is an exceptional way to bring drama and style into your interior design. You can use this idea of lighting for the amazing artwork you have collected, an accent wall, bookcases, certain furniture, or any other item in the room you are exceptionally proud of. Create a sophisticated and dramatic space with some accent lighting.

Types of lights for this interior design

  • Wall lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Spotlights

When it comes to designing your spaces, Interiors by Maey in Canton, always wants you to fall in love with your interior design over and over again. We take the time and effort to make sure your space is everything you want and more. Our designers are skilled, professional, and understand all concepts of interior design. We help you with your design from the ground up. If you are deciding to remodel your home or have just bought a new home, don’t wait. Get in touch with us at Interiors by Maey in Canton.

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