1. Design Trends to Say So Long to in 2017

    When you are deciding that your home may need to be revamped, you want to make sure you do all the research possible. If you are someone who likes their home to be on trend and to follow the times, this is going to be the post for you. In our last blog, we went over all the interior design trends you are going to be seeing throughout this new year; terracotta, greens, jewel tones, and fabric headb…Read More

  2. New Interior Design Trends for 2017

    Now that 2017 has finally opened its doors, it is time to find out all of the amazing trends that we will be seeing in the interior design world this year. Finding out new trends and styles may get you excited for the potential your home could have. At Interiors by Maey, we want your home to shine just like you! Our designer is professional, knowledgeable, and knows how to work with any space. If …Read More

  3. Lighting Concepts To Know About For Your Interior Design

    In our last blog, we, at Interiors by Maey, wanted you to know why we believe that the concept of lighting is crucial when it comes to interior design. Lighting can affect the space, color, direction, and mood of a room, so it is imperative to be aware of what type of light you would like to incorporate into your design ideas. Interiors by Maey in Canton, is your best asset when it comes to interi…Read More

  4. Why Lighting Concepts are Important in Interior Design

    When it comes to designing a space, there are many things you must consider. In some of our previous blogs, we focused on color options, utilization of space, how to incorporate textures, and so forth. One thing that gets overlooked time and time again is the lighting concept within your interior design. Lighting is extremely imperative when it comes to interior design for any room you are choosin…Read More